About the Love Contract

Established history

Hopdongtinhyeu.ndag.net (HDTY) was built in 2005, with the aim of helping hundreds of millions of Vietnamese living in Vietnam (in particular), around the world (in general) have a happy marriage with a warm family.


HDTY is the first systematic search portal for lovers - life partners “suitability index for marriage”  Accordingly, four factors are compared such as "Subject for registration in terms of economic conditions, family background, education", "Personal personality model", "Destined for the personality of the partner" and "Destiny of the spouse". two people are Manh - Thien Can - Dia Chi - Cung Manu". Thereby helping users to identify and choose a life partner 10 times more than the old ways of introducing matchmaking.



HDTY is also the only portal that does “Certificate of marital status” and “Verification of member profile” authenticate and notarize actual personal information of participants such as identity cards, degrees, household registration books, labor contracts, thereby ensuring the seriousness and reliability when participating in acquaintances. , make friend.


With more than 200,000 members, reaching 3,000,000 singles, HDTY is the industry leader in Vietnam in the field of matchmaking.

Vision: Become the most prestigious marriage matchmaking portal for all Vietnamese in Vietnam and the world

Mission: Building a new matchmaking tradition for Vietnamese people.


Core values:  Your happy wedding is the value of our existence



+ Staff: 32 employees

+ Qualifications: Undergraduate and graduate

+ Age: 22 - 32

+ Loyalty: "Work for the heart"


Advisory team:


+ Strategy: Mr. Pham Quang Anh (He has nearly 13 years of experience in management and consulting for large Vietnamese enterprises, Japanese investors, British investors)

+ Human Resources: Ms. Nguyen Thu Huong (She has more than 10 years of consulting human resources systems for large enterprises in the service sector)

+ Design: Ms. Nguyen Kieu Linh (She has nearly 8 years of design management for leading brands in Vietnam in the field of networking, automation, furniture)


Developed by NDA Group





Unit specializing in matchmaking and marriage


Office: Room 2706, 27th floor, Lilama building, 52 Linh Nam, Hoang Mai, Hanoi

Hotline: 0942 174 666 – Customer care: 0987399215

Email: info@hopdongtinhyeu.vn – Skype: tuvan_hdty