"The subject of registration for the opposite sex", when referring to this word, people often think of comparing the appearance, economic conditions and social status between the two families of a boy and a girl. In today's modern 21st century, this is becoming more and more important not only in marriages but even in love.


The fact that the two sides are compatible in terms of economic conditions, social status, and appearance is the first and most important basis for the two parties to be able to build an emotional relationship and then go to a happy marriage. happiness.



Hopdongtinhyeu,ndag.net (HDTY) is the first marriage matchmaking website to officially apply features to authenticate the registered elements of members' information and real people. We don't find you special life partners from "Love at first glance" or "Love without reason" but help you find "The right life partner".


Conformity here is not only suitable in terms of economic conditions, appearance, social status but also in terms of ideology and outlook on life; personality; education and family traditions.


1.        Seriously update information.

You are a serious looking for a life partner, you put a lot of personal information on HDTY. You don't want people (or those who are not serious, joking, ..) to see your profile information. You can do that by choosing who is allowed to see your profile


2.        Appearance

Appearance is one of the first and most important factors that directly affect love and marriage. Usually for their life partner, people often do not ask them to be too beautiful, too attractive, but to be quite, acceptable, not too ugly.

If you are a person with good looks or more, you can find people with similar looks

Not only that, you can completely remove members whose appearance you do not like


3.        Personal Condition & Family Situation

Personal conditions, education level and education regime greatly affect the thinking and behavior of each person. There are many couples who love each other or have families because their level of knowledge is too different, leading to not understanding each other and not being able to share problems in life, leading to a breakup.

To overcome that, HDTY allows you to weed out people whose personal conditions are not suitable for you, or actively search for people with suitable personal conditions.


4.        Character 

Time is the poison of love, having opposite personalities or concepts, even conflicts over time will gradually erode the love of two people.

Therefore, you can completely determine which type of person you are and which type of person is suitable for you to have a beautiful love that leads to a happy marriage.


5.        Economic Condition & Social Status

Stable job, good income and social position, these are the basic prerequisites to start a strong family economy, qualified to raise children or have a nice cozy life. . According to survey 90%, the reasons for quarrels, conflicts and divorces of families are from economic and financial difficulties.

You are a person with a stable job and position in society, and you certainly do not want to be acquainted with or be bothered by people who do not have a job, or a social position.

Not only that, you can find people with suitable economic conditions by comparing your desired information with other members' personal information.


“Cinderella” is a beautiful fairy tale, but HDTY does not give you a fairy tale, we bring you a life partner that is suitable and perfect for your condition.