Speed dating, Mid-Autumn Festival has a couple

On the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival 2022, hopdongtinhyeu.ndag.net (HDTY) organizes the event “SPEED MATCHING - Mid-Autumn Festival with doubles". The event is organized with the purpose of connecting people who are still single and have a need to find a lover in the Mid-Autumn Festival so that they can have someone hand in hand to go to the festival, so that they can learn and talk to each other to find out. people who are suitable for you., participate in meeting, get to know each other. 


The program includes 20 men, 20 women to attend an event


do Speed Appointment (HTD) organization. These 20 couples will be seated at 20 tables next to each other. Every 5 minutes the male subjects would move from the sitting table to the next table. Thus, 40 men and women participating in the program will all have the opportunity to get to know each other and get to know each other, thereby coming to a couple on this Mid-Autumn Festival. 


After the appointment, HTD will continue to connect with program participants if you are particularly interested in someone. 


hopdongtinhyeu.ndag.net (HDTY) was established in 2005, with the mission of helping hundreds of millions of Vietnamese people find the last piece of their life, get married and have a warm and happy family. . Through the event with exciting activities, promises to bring unforgettable moments in this Mid-Autumn Festival 2022. Especially only for those who are still single and are looking for a soul mate. 


Intend time: 19h-22h on August 29, 2022

Expected location: Human Cafe- 419 Giai Phong

Number of people expected to attend: 40 people, 20 men, 20 women, so please register quickly because the number of people is limited. 

Participation fee: 479,000 VND/person

SPECIAL OFFER 201TP3B Participation fee is only 383,000 VND on this Mid-Autumn Festival 2022. Besides, you also have the opportunity to receive 20 profiles of singles of the opposite sex VALUE 400,000 VND at the file system of henho.ndag.net. 


If you want to join, please contact: 09369680000 / 0968922952 / 0367138437

Or click here to register: https://tinyurl.com/hentocdo

Email: hentocdo@ndag.net – Website: hentocdo.net

Thank you very much for your attention!