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How can two people love each other?

That's been the question he's been asking since middle school, high school, and through his freshman year of college.

Talk a little bit about him, a man of energy, likes to analyze problems, doesn't like to rely on his family, etc., but only in 1st year of university, he was the head of a department for a representative company of a company. large foreign corporations in Vietnam. But he never felt happy, in his heart always felt something was missing… he wondered and realized that the only thing missing was probably “lover”.


A person like him never waits for something to come, but always creates it, he started to join clubs, events, ... to be able to find a lover for himself. Experienced, skillful, delicate, knows how to share the thoughts of others, he also doesn't know how many other girls he has fallen for, beauty has, model has, is good, excellent. yes, but each girl is 1 week fast, 1 month long, he breaks up again, he doesn't see those "lovers" to fill the lack in him, only when he breaks up with them at the moment he sees them a touch of what people call "love". At that time, he often sang to himself a piece of music "oh love, the most beautiful moment in this moment, the moment I broke up", and smiled to himself and mentally prepared to continue searching.

I, the same age, attend the same school, the same grade and are close friends with my middle school friend.

She is a good student, gentle, beautiful, has dozens of love letters every month under her desk drawer. Even many boyfriends fought to get to know me.

You and I are not strangers, sometimes in the afternoon, after school, I still see you sitting with your middle school friend in your group of friends before leaving. Maybe to the boys who only know how to study in that small high school, you are outstanding, so attractive, but in my eyes, you are just a little, a little outstanding girl out there. any of his "lovers" have. As a person, I do not like to talk to strangers without any reason or purpose, during the two years we have met many times, you and I are just "know but not acquainted".

He joins the "love contract" association in the hope of meeting the person he is looking for. On Christmas night, I was surprised that the person sitting opposite the corner of the table was you, even more surprised that you and I were forced to visit and sign a contract. I smiled mischievously, and he lamented incessantly.

On the 1st day, the contract takes effect from the date of signing, so the next 3 months I have to be responsible for you!

I have to chat with you every Thursday, have to take you to eat fried spring rolls, have to sit and chant for hours on the phone talking about heaven and earth in the evening with you, yes… and yes… a lot

I don't know since when did I find you so beautiful in the morning, I don't know if it's the dawn or your smile that makes the school gate more radiant... or the afternoons waiting for you to chat with your friends. make him feel excited…. And the evenings were filled with voices that he called "not as good as his, hoarse, manly voice" that he still wanted to hear… he even forgot that he was missing something.

On the 92nd day, at the end of 3 months, I drove you home on a familiar road, the road to your house that I complain about all day because the dust is dust, but it seems that it is not dusty today. She didn't talk all the way home, and greeted her when I brought her to the front door.

"That's it," he thought, and sang to himself the song each time a love story ended, but today, it bothered him.

I still see you from time to time, still the person I know and don't know, still the same... Then the day of graduation comes, everyone has their own path, maybe they won't see each other in the future.

He didn't search anymore, because he was too busy, because he had to protect his position, because he studied, because of something... but he felt that something was missing...

On the 365th day, Christmas came again, he and a group of middle school friends went to the big church on Christmas Eve. My heart sank when I saw you holding another guy's arm in front of the cathedral door, "you have a lover!" he thought to himself.

There have been many times when I wondered why I didn't meet you again by chance after graduation, but your shadow sometimes hides inside a project, document, a piece of music, a movie, ... but when it happens to come, His heart felt tight. He dragged the friends to another corner, out of my sight.

The bell rang 12 o'clock, his phone vibrated, there was a phone. A voice said, "Merry Christmas, you're not going to sign a new contract this year?"

He backed up against the wall away from his friends and smiled bitterly "Merry Christmas, I already signed the contract with the best partner so I don't need to sign a new one"

"Then why don't you renew it?"

"Because I don't know what will happen when the contract expires"

“So now if you were to choose again, would you like to renew your contract?”

“I don't know… be quiet…”

"… silent …"

“I was so scared, I didn't know what love is, what love is, I don't know what to say… but if I had to choose again I wouldn't let that contract end, I would continue to renew it. it, renew it forever… i… i miss you so much”

An arm wrapped around him from behind, he turned his head in surprise… her face was full of tears, her warm little arms were hugging him tightly. “I myself arranged for my visit to fall into your hands, it was I who asked your friend about your church appointment today and purposely went with my cousin here so we could meet again… I also want to That contract renews forever, I love you…”

Author: Love Contract


That's it, he didn't know the person who belonged to him was right next to him for many years until there was a love contract, there was a "reason" for him to stick with a person, to share and understand the person. that more. But if you don't look, you'll never have that "reason".

I, a strong girl, fell in love and dared to create a "reason" for my love, without that reason I would forever be just your "one who knows but doesn't know", forever on the sidelines. his life.

Over 13 years as a manager, seeing a lot, hearing a lot of lives, I see a lot of people with unfortunate circumstances, some have found someone who belongs to them but for no reason, some people are tired so they don't. search anymore or someone doesn't know where to go to look.

Therefore, was born, with the aim of helping you find the right life partner and create a "reason" so that you and your partner can build a happy marriage.