Safe yourself

Ways to protect yourself

With nearly 30 million people regularly online in Vietnam, many bad guys take advantage of the gullibility as well as the affection and trust of many people to conduct fraud to appropriate property, body and dignity. or tricked into selling to China. Such incidents appear more and more often and cause increasingly serious consequences in the newspapers. You can go here for more details.


To protect yourself in your search for a life partner at (HDTY), we recommend you do the following:



1. Do not disclose contact information

Absolutely do not put personal information such as Full Name, Phone, Contact Address, Working Agency, ... publicly in the general introduction, Q&A, dating, ... of HDTY but only exchange such information in personal letters.


2. Only acquainted with notary members or certified by HDTY

You should only get acquainted with members who confirm or have confirmation from HDTY. To find out why, please click here to see why it is a priority to get to know confirmed members and click here to find out why it is especially preferred to get to know confirmed members.


3. Refuse to text, call directly by phone directly

Only exchange, talk and get to know other members through HDTY's Q&A and messaging system at least from the time of acquaintance until the first meeting. Because all those activities of you and the acquaintance will be saved. In case of signs of fraud, HDTY will provide this information to the authorities to find the culprit.


Please pay special attention: There are many cases where it is very difficult to identify as a scam because the subject uses a junk sim just to scam a certain member, this sim is not registered under the name of the scammer, so everyone Phone calls and text messages are not enough to determine the perpetrator's actions. Therefore, you should only communicate with other members via the "Send mail" feature on HDTY because when joining HDTY all actions of the scammer will be forced to connect with a certain identity.


4. Level up your membership and set up privacy

Select a privacy level so that your member profile is visible only to members of the same or higher rank as you have permission to view.


6. Ask the subject to get acquainted with the "notary" before meeting face-to-face

Before starting an appointment with another member, ask them to notarize information at HDTY. This is the most important basis for HDTY to confirm the actual information of that member, and can fully provide that information to the authorities to conduct investigations and determine responsibility when There are signs of fraud or abuse.


7. Save all the exchanged information

Do not delete messages and questions that you have exchanged with other members, because when needed this is information for the responsible authorities to base and prosecute fraudsters.


8. Block bad members

Please block the members that you think are dangerous to yourself from accessing your information (Click here for instructions on blocking bad members)


9. Bad member reviews

HDTY urges you to join hands to find bad members so that we can "boycott" unconstructive profiteering members (Please click here to know how to evaluate and view the list of members). bad)


10. Notice to

Please notify HDTY of bad, profiteering, fraudulent members that are not constructive so that we can remove or request notarization of information thereby ensuring information security for all other members. (Click here for instructions on sending notifications to HDTY)


11. Please use the "escort" service in all cases of face-to-face meeting and dating when you do not know the object of your acquaintance.

For your safety, initially get to know and learn about a guest member by dating face-to-face. HDTY encourages you to use the "Escort" service to always have HDTY staff to protect you. (Click here to see the details of the "Escort" service.)


HDTY always establishes measures to eliminate and minimize the bad guys who cause harm to members. But in order to really ensure their own safety, it is the member's attitude and actions to implement safety measures that are the most important factor in creating the member's own safety when getting acquainted. , make friends with other members.